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Whether you are experiencing a lack of tightness from childbirth, dryness due to menopause or breast cancer treatments, or simply a lack of sexual pleasure, V-Revive is here to help you find your right treatment option.

Treatments are non-surgical, painless, and with little to no recovery, you will be living your life with a new sense of confidence and empowerment in no time.

Each treatment is non-surgical and requires no anesthesia

Each treatment is painless and is often felt like a light vibration

Only V-Revive offers ALL non-surgical vaginal treatments

Patients can return to everyday activities immediately

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You are not alone


of women ages 18-50 experience dryness before menopause


of women are dissatisfied with their laxity after childbirth


of women experience dryness post menopause

We are changing women's lives

I am amazed at the noticeable improvement with incontinence. It is almost non-existent and every day I’m so thankful!

Janice, 70

The O-shot: a painless procedure – in less than 2 weeks, there is a noticeable softness and appearance to the vaginal tissue.

V-Revive has been a true blessing to me and my husband. My body has drastically changed since being a cancer survivor. Now we can have sex without all of the pain.

Lisa, 44

Being a breast cancer survivor, the things no one warns you about is the vaginal dryness, burning and how painful intimacy can be. I saw improvement even after the first treatment. The procedure was quick and painless. I would encourage you to call and schedule a consultation today! It really works!

Kathy, 43

When I tried the MonaLisa laser my moisture/lubrication level improved so much I felt as if my vagina was oozing which was great! Then I tried the Thermiva – I knew I could use a tighter vagina. Who couldn’t? and Wow it worked! But the icing on the cake was the O-Shot. I feel like I can have an orgasm easily. It feels like I am twenty again.

Beverly, 61

The medical staff at V-Revive are extremely professional and always make me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the consultations and treatments. Because of the V-Revive treatments I have increased confidence in my appearance and sexuality, and my husband and I are enjoying increased sexual pleasures. I think the benefits of the vaginal rejuvenation treatments far exceed the monetary costs.

Rita, 71

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We're changing women's lives.
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